The objective of financial statements is to provide information about the financial health of an individual or enterprise. They should be understandable, relevant, reliable and comparable.

Mixner & Company has been providing properly engineered financial statements since 1981; our financial statements strictly adhere to generally accepted accounting principles and auditing standards, while our expertise provides the insight necessary to grow your business or personal finances.


An audit includes outside confirmation of accounts and balances as well as reviewing on a sample basis, internal documents related to the transactions of the period under examination. Audited financial statements are the most costly of the services we offer but provide the highest degree of credibility to outside parties. Audits are not designed to detect fraud and should not be relied on for that purpose. In today’s economic environment most surety companies do not require an audited statement unless you have very high bonding limits.


As the most employed financial statement today, a review principally consists of inquiries of company personnel and analytical tests of the financial information under review. It is less credible than an audit but more credible than a compilation.


Used most often for interim reporting, a compilation is simply your financial information put into proper presentation. It is the least credible financial statement we prepare and therefore the least expensive.